You are so so rare.

I don’t have much content to share with you at all in this post – at least not much of my own. I want to share with you a poster that I found when I was much younger. It is a wonderful play on statistics and a nice bit of anything is possible inspiration. Yes, I know that some of the assumptions are a little dubious but it’s broadly a good estimate so enjoy it!



15 responses to “You are so so rare.

  1. Well, I feel unbelievable fortunate. I may just print that out and carry it around with me. That way, when someone calls me a worthless piece of ___, I can show it to them and say “Oh yeah, well I shouldn’t even be here”.

    Wait a minute…

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  2. Does that mean that finding the person you’re supposed to be with (supposing that’s actually true) is about the same odds?


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