Far Far Away

It is without a doubt my favorite astrological pieces of news when we manage to see further into the universe than ever before. It’s just exciting and undeniably difficult to wrap your mind around the sense of scale. The new record has been set at 13.4bn light years, revealing galaxies to us looking the same way as they did 400 million years after the big bang. This was measured and recorded by the Hubble telescope, a seemingly very worthwhile investment.

As we begin to converge on cosmic history as far back as the big bang itself, we need something with a little more fire power in order to get a glimpse of the stars from ancient history. As such the James Webb telescope will be shortly launched. This image, thanks to NASA, shows the startling difference in the mirrors of the two telescopes:


The new telescope is due to hit the skies in 2018, which is likely to give a much clearer picture of the beginnings of the universe.

Read the journal paper here.

4 responses to “Far Far Away

  1. The JWST is definitely going to be a huge contributor to astronomy and cosmology very soon. Given how detailed a look at the universe that the Hubble gives us, I can’t even imagine what we’ll be learning from the JW.

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