The world is a hologram?

This idea was first but forward by one of the best Theoretical Physicists alive today  – Gerard ’t Hooft. One of the great things about this man (aside from the plethora of academic credentials) is that he has created a website which brings together resources which are designed to help people who want to pursue Physics as a challenge. This website can be found here and I cannot recommend it enough.

The core principle at the heart of this theory is that a 2D surface can contain all of the necessary information to project a three dimensional world. The idea is simply that all of the laws and phenomena we have come to accept as common place in our world today are encoded on a thin brane which projects a three dimensional “reality” to us.

The idea was actually first banded about in the 70s, but until string theory made some significant progression the idea seemed nothing but sci-fi. With the increased understanding of string theory the idea has become more and more viable as a picture of the world we live in.

These spooky flat spaces first arose in what is known as curved anti-de-sitter space; a scientific construct which allows scientists to consider quantum theory in a 2D setting incorporating gravity in a 3D setting (if you know anything about quantum theory, you probably know of the long and turbulent relationship it has had with gravity). In fact it turns out a lot of things that didn’t previously make sense actually start to look a whole more realistic when you flatten out the universe.

Whilst the progression is very exciting and truly gives soome food for thought, there are a number of known truths that don’t quite marry in with the theory yet: one of the most notable being quantum entanglement. What do you think? Is this a step to far or a step in the right direction?

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      • And how much of it to come! I always think it is going to be truly wonderful in 500 years, when some of the ideas we see as the forefront of Physics will be common classroom knowledge…. not that I will be there to see it unless some major scientific advances happen quickly!


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